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Jeff Bridges ARLINGTON ROAD is just around the corner, so now's a perfect chance to take a look at some Jeff Bridges movies worth a second look.

America has always considered comics kidstuff, America has never been above being wrong. Click here to check out our comics section, and see books so good they will change your mind.

In order to be eligible for our weekly drawings and freebies please e-mail, and in the body of your e-mail say freebies. And you're well on your way to getting those cool presents and prizes. Also remeber to ask about our birthday club. Your letters are always appreciated.

It say's a lot about America when convicted serial killers become the voice of reason. Click here to see what we mean. We take on SOS and what it says about America, Victims Rights, and our rights to our own lives.


SUMMER MOVIES you should be on the lookout for
List of upcoming flicks to keep an eye out for. And always remember our secret to finding good flicks, follow the director, not the actor.
ON THE CUTTING EDGE: Taking on the headlines, we soundoff on media crap, hatred, racism, swastikas, 2nd Admendment attacks, and why the law is still an ass.



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