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"Nothing is forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten."....Robin Hood HEARNE'S SON, 1980's British series. Best television series of all time. A very mystical, magical, brutal, and heroic retelling of the Robin Hood Legend. Just purchased the whole series on tape. Had to get it from England, but was worth the cost.

Jan 27 2001- Day Seven of the Occupation. Wow. I really hate driving in DC. Those damn circles, all I can see are circles. Woke up 6am today to get a jump on traffic and attend the National Conference on Organized Resistance. In it's 4th year this was my first time attending the event, but definitely will not be my last. Everything I expected and more, a very proactive conference covering various issues, actions, discussions, and possible solutions to the ills that plague us on a local, national, and international level.

It was a great joy to be there in this mostly youthful environment, with enough old fogies thrown in to make me not entirely out of place. And just to hear the open discussion and sense of urgency on issues that we have too long been silent on.

Of particular interest to me was the following workshops:

 FOOD POLITICS:BIOENGINEERING AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT-this is a really central issue, that ties into virtually every other ill of prejudice, poverty, economics, labor, wars, the central lynchpin to all the other battles that we fight. And I'll explain why in the next installment.

LOW POWER RADIO WITH PHILLY'S PROMETHEUS COLLECTIVE-social construction of reality is a term you seldom here outside of a sociology class, but it is an idea of paramount importance to our day to day lives. An idea that shapes who we are, what we love and hate, and how well or badly we live our lives. Social Construction of Reality is the premise that reality is agreed upon, that reality in our modern world is a construct, built on three solid foundations: media, education, and environment. And he who controls these foundations controls your reality. How does this relate to low power radio? As media plays a larger and larger part in connecting people, it also plays a larger and larger part in dividing them, through misinformation, programming, and capitalistic/ monopolistic ownership of the media, a one horse, one viewpoint media so to speak. 

Increasingly the media plays a larger portion, than our failing educational system, and chaotic environment in defining reality. And years of corporate sponsored legislation have taken away the publics ability and right to media. It is cost prohibitive for the average American to have a hand in mass communication.

 Paramount upon these legislative defeats for democracy, was the 1970 Supreme Court Ruling that granted corporations first amendment rights, thas completely co-opted our representatives and made them hand puppets for the highest corporate bidder. And the recent 1996 Telecommunications Act that basically gave companies carte blanche to own as many stations, and as many different mediums as they could afford. This has created a rockerfeller, monopolistic environment, where a few companies control virtually our entire vision of the world. 

Whereas before 1996 you had some limit on unchecked growth, the telecommunications act, among other things, has removed that, creating a few, master companies, that are basically buying up whole mediums, whole modes of speech and communication, and in essense locking the citizen, the common man out. Again what does this mean? It means you have a company that owns newspapers, owns books, owns television, owns movie studios, owns games, and owns politicians, and is in bed with gas companies, all it takes is one board of director to decide say... "Zimbabwe isn't playing ball. They won't let us buy up all the land, ruin it like we did in Haiti, disenfranchise all the aboriginal people into an urban setting, and have them work doing slave labor in factories."

 Zimbabwe is taking a page out of the very cutting edge and action oriented Brazil MST movement to do some good and redistribute land to 99% of the population rather than having it be owned by 1%. So of course the monopolistic media goes into action, and pretty soon like Palestine, like Iraq, like Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe becomes enemy number one, can't open a paper, turn on a TV, turn on a radio, without hearing about the evil of Zimbabwe. 

A singular vision is set upon the public, a reality is created, by corporate domination of the means to communication. And suddenly when the U.S. starts talking sanctions, and Peace Keeping force, suddenly 99% of Americans are if not in total agreement with the actions, are not informed enough to disagree. And suddenly we have another country, another African Nation, a so called "Third World Nation" (again another term of media dominance, a blatant attempt to marginalize a continent, that all history, and all records tells us would be more aptly named the 1st World) that is being bombed, attacked, invaded, and ultimately both ethnically and economically cleansed.

And this has happened before, and often in American history. The whole Spanish American war, nothing more than one man's determination to get the Panama Canal built. A man committed to making more money over the sovereign rights of another nation ( what we are doing in Irag, Yugoslavia), a man who owned the means of communication used the media to have war declared. Thousands upon thousands of our people and theirs killed and murdered for one man's greed.

If anything we have only improved upon what we did in the Spanish American War, the one man war. In the face of media domination and definition of news and truth, you can look forward to seeing more Irags, more Yugoslavias, more of our soldiers, our sons, fathers, brothers, friends, Americans, dropping bombs on civilian targets in an attempt to get a country to say uncle and give up its rights. 

Isn't this what we fought World War II to stop, the Nazi ideology of more, more, more, their necessity for breathing room? If anything America is a thousand times more effective than Nazi Germany ever was, we have learned to commit genocide in silence, and make everyone, except the people we're bombing into the stoneage, believe we are on the side of the angels.

We're not. America is not on the side of the Amgels.

But because those who commit the crimes, these international extensions of American will, the WTO, Shell, Dupont, Walt Disney, own the free press we trust with reporting crimes, there are no crimes reported to the American people. Only justifed retribution. 

This is the part the media plays in who we are, what we do, and who we kill. Think of it this way, if there was TV in colonial America, during the Boston Tea Party, and the British Occupying Force controlled the media, would there have been an American Revolution? If everyone instead of running out in the streets when they heard Crispus Attucks, the loved and loveable, that great free Black, the affable yarn teller, and bar brawler, had died for his mates, spitting in British eyes, if everyone instead of going mad when they heard this last final straw, had instead heard it through TV, heard it told by British announcers, in calm British tones of some rowdy thugs, causing problems  but nothing to be alarmed at. Would there still have been a revolution? Would we today be America? 

And the answer is no.

Fat and sated, and removed from our fellow man by the glowing box, we would not have gone mad as one people, and rose up as one people, and fought as one people. We would still now be a colony of the great British Empire, but for the fact that back then we had the same access to communication the British, the ruling body, did. Back in colonial America, King and Commoner spoke through the same medium, platforms in the streets, handouts.  Odd that King and commoner in colonial America, under a dictatorship had more democracy than we have now, odd that King and commoner of yesterday should be more equal, than Rich and Poor of today.

That is  the power of media. And that is why corporations fight so viciously and so hard to keep you from having a voice, an equal platform of communication. How many Americas in developing countries, have we kept from becoming, kept from growing, kept from enjoying the liberties we enjoy? How many nations have we kept from doing what we have done? How many nations have we ,a nation of Liberty, destroyed to keep them from having Liberty?

So that was my interest in Low Power radio, wherever we can begin to create platforms for diverse thought, opinion, news. Wherever we can create platforms of more than a singular propaganda, but rather dissenting and diverging views, there do we have America, there indeed do we have a nation and a democracy. Nothing shows more the nature of our government, the flaw of our democracy, better than the monopoly of our mediums of mass communication and thought.

We need an open dialogue, open medium, our politicians wouldn't be afraid of being smeared/destroyed by the media, had we such mass media alternatives, roads, paths, avenues, to information... to the truth.

We need the FCC to give us back our mom and pop radio stations, which is what they were gingerly in very baby steps trying to do, before corporate pressure from the National Association of Broadcasters and oddly enough National Public Radio (which really isn't public radio, but answers to corporate America, and was virtually single handedly responsible for killing the original D radio licenses, mom and pop radio stations, back in the late 60s.). The very concept that the state should own the airwaves is an increasingly problematic one. The increasing trend of corporate America to attempt to own the unownable. From companies like Dupont that are killing biodiversity in the wild, buying up seed companies, patenting seeds, then taking them off the market, Genetically engineering crops to produce dead seeds, so basically you can't replant these foods. No longer just take a seed out of a tomato and grow a tomato, but instead you have to go back to these huge chemical companies to get the seeds. Companies willing to basically hold our ecosystem hostage, destroy it, in order to insure increasing profits and dependence by consumers. This is a really monstrous act, and is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what genetic manipulation and ownership of the unownable is bringing. And the great majority of Americans know nothing about these Machavellian plots and plans that are going on in America, by powers and principalities. 

Why don't American people know? Because (Say it with me everyone) the ones committing these horrendous crimes, not just against our environment, but these are in the last true sense crimes against humanity, these companies own the media we rely on to bring us the "truth". 

United States murders more people than any other country in the world. We have the largest population in captivity. People who have done their time we strip them of the right to vote, which shatters the myth of Prison being about rehabilitation, and a relatively recent trend since 1994 that has gotten no attention in the media, Courts are increasingly keeping people in prison past their sentence. Right now it applies to sex offenders, if you were sentenced to 10 years, did your ten years, the court can actually keep you in prison if they deem you could in the future be a threat to society. 

They can keep you in prison indefinately... without another trial!.

I am not making this up, I wish to God I was. And while we all see the need for protection of society, the dangers of such a carte blanche power extending in the case of political prisoners, then to anyone becomes staggering. You can go to jail on drunk driving for hypothetically lets say 6months, and your time up they deem you could be a danger, under such broad judicial powers. It opens up a horrendous pandora's box.

And again I'm sure the majority of you knew nothing about it.    

We need access to mass media. For all these reasons and a thousand more. We need the congress to repeal the Telecommunications Act, and have the FCC return to the practice of putting a cap on how many stations one company can own, and begin to break up and segment these large media monopolies, for the same reason it was done in the 20s to the Rockefellers, because monopolies stifle free trade and innovation. They are bad for America and bad for democracy. 

We need to open up the Digital Spectrum, all these channels that were just given away to corporate, one of the biggest robberies in the history of our country, and no one knows about it, because the people who robbed you of billion dollars of revenue, true massive public access television, and your rights to those channels, are the same people who bring you your news.

So we have to be aware of the inherent bias of the media, and question everything, Every war, every conflict, every sanction, every rise in gas, or electricity, every attempt to outlaw private ownership of guns, to cripple the 2nd amendment, and crucify the first. Jefferson said it best "Those who give up liberty to ensure Security, do not deserve, nor will they get either one.". What's the real reason behind the  Sudan slavery stories, humanitarian concern, no. The same reason any African Nation makes the news, we want to own them. And we want the American people to look the other way while we blow them to hell, and steal all their resources.

Put crudely, but we live in crude times.

So until we get access to mass media, get a platform to speak, please do the following: search out the small platforms, join local organizations in your neighborhoods. Get involved, get informed, get in touch. Know what the fights are, and challenge the morality of the fight. 

Look at history, read, everything is relatively blatant, it's there just most people don't look. They've gotten so use to being beat down and beat up, they look at their feet, while the world goes to hell around them. 

Get involved, if you take nothing else from this letter, take that. Find a local organization, talk to people you work with, I'm not saying fight, but talk, find out what they believe and why, some will listen, some won't. I'm found the vast majority of people do care, and do have souls. And do want to be on the side of the angels. But of course you will stumble onto those who are the problem, who are the tyranny of evil men. 

Worse you'll find those who are the indifference of good men. They are the ones who advocate doing nothing while the world burns, and you'll always know them, they are always the apologists for the status quo, the voice of "you can't" or "you shouldn't" or "it won't help". They are the voice of the Narc and the masters dog. And it's important to be able to pick out this voice, to know where lies the enemy within, and also to know the arguments the enemy uses, and the lies he tells. It becomes a very thin argument once you see it a few times, easily labeled, and easily judged.

But in contrast to the narcs you do uncover, the enemies within, you will uncover a lot who are interested in making a better world. It's an idealistic thing to say I know, a dreamers thing to say, but we must as a people get back into the habit of looking up to the horizon, and dreaming great dreams. We do not grow beyond our dreams, so small dreams create a small people, and great dreams a great people. We get locked into a conquerors definition of us, stereotype of us, and because of mass media, this image of who we are is perpetuated on a global scale, and I know becuase I've been to 9 different countries, and yes US is still the most biassed in terms of color, and it is the social center for every other country, they do what America does, America is the template for other nations, we teach them how to love and hate. Another reason for a people to have a voice in media. To offset bias on a global scale. All of us remeber the Ford case where in an ad aimed at an overseas audience they painted the Black Engineers who worked on the cars white. 

Because overseas advertisers paint an even dimmer view of Nubians. An even more hatefull view. In Brazil, a country that is predominantly of Nubian Blood, easily a good 60 to 80%, they are inundated with anti-Black sentiment, just as in America we're force-fed this ludicous term african-american, both attacks do the same thing, it gets us to distance ourselves from each other, when you say Black or Nubian, you are saying Spanish, Cuban, American, Aboriginae, Indian, Canadian,  Jamaican, Trinidadian, Nigerian, Ethiopian, French, Iraquian, Yogoslavian, Hatian, Hawaian,  English, Brazilian, but when you use the term African American you lose that richness, that connection, that diversity, and ultimately that strength. 

That's why any form I have to fill out, like the Census, I cross out african-american, and depending on my mood put Black or Nubian. Even the term Moor is preferable, carrying as it does this rich historical context. It's a small peice of civil disobediance I admit but a signifigant one. There is power in language, a rich field of power, power in how we define, and how we choose to be defined. 

african-america, nigger, minority, slave, victim, rapper, thug, criminal, these are definitions that have been imposed. We must grow beyond a conquerors language to grow beyond being conquered. They teach to young children that in a time of change and protest they were sheep, and in a time of controversy and colonization they were chattel. That other leg of the social construction of reality rearing its ugly head to create our reality. I went to public schools, and it was only a softer time, two loving, involved, reading parents, and my own love for reading and learning, that kept me out of the trap of hopelessness and despair that many young Black men fall into. 

When I was in the third grade I knew my teacher was lying to me. I just knew. And I started learning outside of school, about who I had been, who a people had been. It fills me with amazement that any Black parent would trust the education of their children to a system that hates them. Honestly, it's like Nazis being asked to teach jewish children. 

We need to get back to this Zapatistas/Black Panther Model, of literacy and village schooling. To this idea of self reliance that a host of brilliant young men, who are now framed and on Death Row conceived and implemented. We few who are still for the moment free, need to get back to this model. 

And as unpopular as the media has made this next comment, we need to get away from the idea of Single Family homes. We need to get away from this wholesale production of bastards. And I'm not trying to offend anyone, that is the terminology. There's no sin in being born out of wedlock, its beyond your control, but I was raised to believe a man takes care of his responsibilities. And I know the politically correct thing to say is its just a peice of paper, and its no big deal. 

To this I can only say, it matters, And because we are Nubians in the Western Hemisphere and our lines, our lineage has been tainted, broken during the occupation, it matters more to us than any other people, to form a new lineage. It matters for the simple fact so many are willing to tell you it doesn't matter.  

There is nothing more important than blood, our ancestors who the conquerors in their books call slaves, but we know as prisoners of war, a war of commerce and greed, understood this. They had a caste system longer than European history. They had laws, and language, and a belief in the purity of blood. They were forced out of their customs, their ways, even their blood. To a people raised on a Caste system their is nothing worse. Our people were forced during the occupation into bastardry, as bloodlines as old as the flow of human blood in human veins, were broken. So to now, in this supposed time of freedom, do by choice what our ancestors died by the thousands to try and avoid, this loss of their blood, their lineage, is madness. 

It matters that you give your son a name, it matters that you take the time, the energy, the step, to proclaim him yours. We are a people that before our occupation held blood high, could trace our bloodline back a thousand years, now many of us in this new world have trouble tracing our blood back four generations. It is an unacceptable crime to perpetuate on your child. Clear title also avoids such crimes as incense. In the inner cities it is not uncommon for children to have no idea who their father is, and date other children who have no idea who their father is. For all they know they are half brother and half sister. Incense most foul.

I really do think for a Black man to go around siring offspring and not take claim to them is a crime, a crime against those who had to be tortured into such barbarity. I also think its irresponsible of the woman, she must hold herself more prized, than to lay down with any dog without a pedigree. And she must hold her children more prized.

I believe in the two family home, I think fathers, good ones, real ones, bring something to the home that's needed. Something that builds not just good sons, but confident daughters. 

I have gone far afield, from my original discussion, but you see how everything comes back to information, the ability that mass media gives us to define and form community. Ideas, modes of expression. How in everything ,the dialogue, the platform is all.

And that whether your dealing on a local community level or an international level, the ability not to have culture forced on you (in the case of gansta rap, a small sliver of entertainment mass marketed to become this monopoly of thought and entertainment) to our young at the exclusion of other types of music, of diversity, of range, The control of media, is the survival, death and/or creation of culture. It will, this war for media, determinine the type of nation that we're making.

We must get back into the habit of dreaming great dreams, and working on them. 


 Completely exhausted, I know I have major typos in this, will clean it up later. Just had to get the bulk of this rant out. Keep fighting. Down with Tyrant Bush.  2..44am 28 Jan 2001.





 Jan 20 2001...A day that shall have particular meaning to me. It was when I went to DC with others, many others to protest the inauguration of George W. Bush. It was a magical, surreal moment. A moment of awe, as so many people, from so many walks of life came out, to speak with a common voice of opposition, to a common crime of tyranny.

People overuse the word empowerment, but in this case it seems to be the only word that fits. It felt right, after too many years of the media telling us what to think, and what to support, and what to believe, it felt right.

It felt good to take to the streets. It felt for several odd hours in the rain, and the sleet, and the wind, it felt like it was our country again , our America. Early reports range from 25000 to 250,000 people descended on DC this day to protest the illegal and immoral inauguration of George W. Bush. And contrary to what little the media shows, it wasn't a day of violence and arrests, it was a day of fellowship, and family, and community, and brotherhood. 

For those of you who did not go, you missed something very rare, and very beautiful, a moment in time, that renewed faith, in this age of media manipulation, and fear, and hatred, renewed faith in the ability of people to matter. It was both beautiful and horrible, you have to have been there and seen the tableau to understand, this picture that was painted today of two Americas. 

One of Civil Disobedience, of Liberty, of Community, of Fellowship, thousands upon thousands of chanting people, of kids, and adults, and seniors, of Black, white, yellow, brown, and red, jamming the streets with a common cry of "Not our President!" "Impeach Bush" and one of my personal favorites "Hail to the Thief".  A somehow festive environment of resistance. People from Boston, Miami, Seattle, Baltimore, California, Florida. Kids just starting on the road to revolution, and adults and seniors returning to it. That was one America, a picture of a nation by the people.

And then in contrast to this life-affirming flood of humanity, was another America, George Bush's America, an America of occupation by force. An America of Intimidation, an America of brutality. I have never seen that many cops in my life, they were everywhere. Bush had to have bussed in cops from nearly every state, every road was jammed with cops, and military police, snipers on the roof of virtually every building, and everywhere helicopters, Air Supremacy. Everywhere nightsticks and guns. Heck we even stumbled into a large group of narcs, undercover cops, who were jumping on some poor girl, a college kid, a teenager, for protesting too enthusiastically. When their actions drew a large crowd, they got off of her (though I think one of them took her away, he flashed some kind of ID card or pass that he had around his neck, we didn't even have time to get a good look at her face), they backed off, disappearing like a single animal. But, everywhere was the threat of Martial Law.  But the sight of police only invigorated the protest, strengthened it. Strengthened us. 

So two Americas were in DC in force today, one an America of Tyranny and one an America of Liberty. Hours we stood, two Americas, eye to eye, locked together in the rain. It was an immense day of civil disobedience, they say the largest Inauguration Day protest since the Vietnam era. It was the first day of the Occupation of America, and what a day it was. It was but the first volley in a long and arduous road to free our Nation. 

And I am not naive enough to think chanting wins a battle, but I think the force of opposition was staggering. The share noise, the share raucous nature of it, the share size of it, was a surprise and a wake up call to the GOP and George Bush that America is not as asleep as they thought it was. And that there are many of us, drawing a line in the sand, saying this far... no further. No further. 

I think perhaps Bush has proved his own worse enemy, by his blatant disregard for the American people, and for American intelligence, he has attacked our democracy too blatantly, and relied on the fact of our divisions and our media induced stupor to allow him to get away with it. He thought the age of civil disobedience was dead, and he was right, if not dead it was at least dying, but his actions have fathered a resurgence of American activism, an the American will to resist. It is either fight together or die apart. We're fighting together thanks to G.W. Bush.

Ironic, isn't it.

I am not naive, I know Bush is not a smart man. If he was he would not have started on this road. He will use Martial Law if he gets scared enough. It will get worse before it gets better. Like most tyrants he lacks common sense, he really believes he can shout over the people. He was wrong today, and he will be wrong tomorrow.

I've looked into the eyes of the cops, and while most have nothing there, some have doubts, I've seen them. Some have doubts about the rightness of this police state that Bush is making. Some have doubts. I watched the ones barricading the Supreme court, billy clubs in hand, while behind and above them these words glinted from the top of the building..."Equal Justice under the Law.". What a sight, I would have given real money for a camera about then, thousands of protesters, marching and chanting around the Supreme Court, and these cops, protecting its steps from us, dark garbed storm troopers, with weapons in hand, and behind them the words... "Equal Justice Under the Law".


The hypocrisy was lost on no one.


God it was a day. The first day of the Occupation. Much work to be done, gets harder now, more serious. But for today, God for today, it was... something worth savoring.

Something worth savoring.   

Next weekend DC is home to another must attend event, this one indoors, it is the convention on Organized Resistance, a two day seminar with courses on non-violence, the for profit Prison Build Up, the World Trade Bank, Police Brutality, Genetic Tampering, Agriculture and Ecology, and Animal Experimentation. I highly recommend this event, as its going to give you much needed information to survive and combat the coming storms.

Please email for more info or go here for details:  http://www.organizedresistance.org/main.html


And for an article I wrote earlier this morning prior to attending the protest click here. 



"And although this is a fight I can lose, the accused is an innocent man."

Innocent man by Billy Joel


For rants and raves on the latest in American politics and American corruption check out our recently updated feature, ENEMIES OF THE STATE. Too often evil men count on the notoriously short memory of the American public to keep them safe, if you notice when speaking of issues that can affect not just your standard of living, but the nature of your life, the"news" is always ambiguous. It's always "Some scientists have cloned sheep", "Researchers say.." "People polls say..."" The Department of Agriculture..." "The senate voted against...", do you see. We have become a nation of buffers, a nation of legalized mobs, faceless corporate entities, that like a mob can do evil in the anonymity of a group. We have become a nation of cowards, that wear sheets over their heads so they can be safe from accountability, safe from reprisals, safe from pesky concepts like morality, and right and wrong. Safe. But not in these pages, here in ENEMIES OF THE STATE, we will name, names. We will bring the hidden into the light, give the victimized a voice, and bring order to a mob. We will tell you... THE ENEMIES OF THE STATE.



"America is such a bloody great country. Not for anything it's done, or anything it's been. But for this promise, this grace, this myth, that it's never lived up to it. But you sense, just beneath the skin it can. It wants to. 

America wants to have the strength of its convictions." ..diary of a man called Grendel [under construction]


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Great Radio drama's today's file...



from 1937 starring Orson Welles! This is the episode that started it all. Orson Welles as Lamont Cranston, the man who has the power to cloud men's minds. Listen for the great line about "blurring the picture". Feel free to email me with your reviews of this episode and others you'd like to hear.

This is good old fashioned fun from the early days of the 20th century. Every 1 to 2 days I'll change this audio file, so come back often.








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