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23 Aug 99

Movies in your future:

13war.gif (4517 bytes)Finally this much delayed John McTiernan directed flick, scripted by Michael Crichton who also wrote the book is hitting the big screen. I haven't read the book but the premise sounds very intriguing. Michael Crichton, is not only the novelist, not only the screen writer, but he is also listed as producer and codirector of this movie. Co-director, what is that? Since when do movies have tag team directors, this might be a first. Whether this collaboration works, we'll know in a month. John hasn't directed a really good movie since DIE HARD over ten years ago (haven't seen his THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR), and the last great movie directed by Michael was GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY over twenty years ago. So these two are due for a hit. Keep your eyes peeled for my review. AUGUST 27TH OPENING DATE.

   astro.gif (6947 bytes)A sci-fi thriller of alien possession?! Not a premise that fills me with confidence. The only thing slightly going for it is that the scriptwriter,  Rand Ravich, is also the director. Writers tend to make good directors. Negative is that I haven't cared for anything Rand Ravich has written. AUGUST 27TH 1999 OPENING DATE.

        chill_factor.gif (17020 bytes)The premise to this one comes off as SPEED on an ice cream truck. Hugh Johnson's directorial debut. Sounds pretty stupid but then again so did SPEED. This one all rides on the director.SEPTEMBER 3RD OPENING DATE.

fightc.gif (2817 bytes)From an inauspicious  beginning in 1992 with ALIEN3, David Fincher with two movies has made a name for himself as the greatest director of Suspense since Alfred Hitchcock. With movies SEVEN and THE GAME he has crafted a reputation for must see Masterpieces, his name alone is now enough to fill theaters. There are not many modern directors that can say the same. Not many that I run to see their movies, among them John Woo, Carl Franklin, Edward Zwick, Ron Howard before his EDTV, David Koepp, that's about it.

picfc.jpg (12701 bytes)David Fincher leads this very elite list. His newest movie THE FIGHT CLUB sounds incredibly stupid, about a bunch of bored SOBs beating the hell out of each other, a poor man's WWF. I was about to write the movie off when I saw who was directing it. DAVID FINCHER. Opening October 15th I'll be there to see if   David Fincher can continue his award winning ways, and make a premise as idiotic sounding as THE FIGHT CLUB actually work.   


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