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1 July 99

  • Combined details for
    Arlington Road (1999)

                           Directed by 63.jpg (2882 bytes)
    Mark Pellington
    Writing credits
    Ehren Kruger
    Release Date: July 9th
    Genre: Thriller
  • A relatively unproven director and equally novice writer are the creative forces behind this Jeff Bridges vehicle. A thriller that carries the tag line "fear thy neighbor" and seems to be very much in the Pacific Heights mold. It certainly has the requisite acting pedigree to be a good movie, with Jeff Bridges in the starring role. Jeff Bridges for my money is one of the few actors of this generation who could have cut it during the glory days of Hollywood. He's one of the few actors with the brooding intensity of a Robert Mitchum, and the screen chewing force of a Kirk Douglas, but with an added dimension of vulnerability. However, Jeff Bridges choices in movies ,with few exceptions, has not been the best. 

  • Jeff Bridges has been making movies (discounting his childhood work) for over two and a half decades, and out of that period only about half a dozen really stand out. And the ones I like tend to be the ones he didn't get recognized for, but movies I felt he did his best work in. Movies in which the material was worthy of the man. For a list of the Jeff Bridges movies that make my thumbs up list click here.  Hopefully ARLINGTON ROAD will prove to be Jeff Bridges next great movie.

  • The movie was released overseas way back in March, but the stateside opening has been continually delayed (isn't there something odd about this, we're the US for goodness sakes. We should at least see our own domestic movies before the rest of the world. These studios, I tell you. No loyalty or respect for the American audience). Usually not a good sign. I'll let you know how this movie stacks up July 9th when it hits the states.

RECOMMENDED REVIEWERS: Most reveiwers suck, every other week they are proclaiming some peice of crap the best of the year. I.E. Blair Witch. They count on you having a very short memory and not remembering their names. I remember their names, come here to have the reviewers reviewed. And while we're taking to task the prostitutes of the field, I also want to illuminate those I feel are consistant and reliable.

For my money there's only a few reviewers out of the thousands doing it I consider any good. One of them is James Berardinelli.  For the most part his cinematic tastes have mirrored my own (there are exceptions, I totally disagreed with his review of tombstone. But for the most part I have found his calls good).  Click here to see his take on Arlington Road.

Before I move onto the next movie to be on the lookout for, I saw a blurb on the IMDB (International Movie Database), that Edward Dmytryk had died this Thursday July 1st 1999. Most of you probably don't know the name but he was the Director of one of the best hard boiled noirs of the 40s, 1945's
MURDER MY SWEET,as well as 1954's classic CAINE MUTINY. So if you can, take some time out of your busy schedule and curl up with these two great movies. And somewhere between your enjoyment, remember the young man from Grand Rapids, British Columbia ,born in 1908, whose directing career would span five decades.


Blair Witch Project, The (1999)

37.jpg (15204 bytes)Directed by

Daniel Myrick
Eduardo Sánchez (II)
Writing credits
Daniel Myrick

Eduardo Sánchez (II)
Release Date:

Genre: Horror

One of the most eagerly anticipated movies of this summer, and one that is garnering rave reviews from people who have seen it is THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. An ultra low budget faux documentary pic that is being heralded as the best horror film since Sam Raimi's EVIL DEAD(1982) or George Romero's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD(1968).

Made as a student project , the hype surrounding this movie is even larger than the hype generated by Robert Rodriguez in his 1992 movie EL MARIACHI, that Rodriguez made reportedly using his credit cards. That was a great movie, and propelled Rodriguez into the Hollywood Limelight. This film will undoubtedly do the same for its young filmmakers. Definitely looking forward to seeing this one. MY recommendation don't even read the reviews, reviews give away too much of a horror movie. Just find where it's showing, and go in with low expectations, and get what you get. This is really my only must see film of the summer.


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