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You'll notice most of these long reviews are three and four star reviews. There's a reason for that, I don't beleive on wasting time on things I don't like. I like cinema, I'm passionate about it. When I see a good movie I enjoy sharing it, writing about it, turning it over in my head. Writing is a joy for me. When I dislike something, it seems unnecessary to, like so many critics, go into a long treatise about its failings. For me that's just giving more time, more manhours to a movie that was not worth it. For me at least, the things I hate have always been far less interesting than the things I love.  Better the precious ,and all too fleeting, moments of our lives are spent lifting up those things we love, than wallowing in those things we hate. Even in the few negative reviews on this page, you'll find they are not like conventional reviews. I find even in the negative, just another forum to praise the positive. Take a look at the reviews, I think you'll find them frank and honest and always passionate. I hope you enjoy them, and PLEASE email me, as it's really nice to get your comments, and your reviews, and your requests. Enjoy and please bring a friend, and e-mail about joining our mailorder video club. Sometimes the local video stores just do not carry the movies you must see. We do. Now without futher ado, the reviews...  

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LE DOULOS    ***


PEEPING TOM    ***1/2



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