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"Nothing is forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten."....Robin Hood HEARNE'S SON, 1980's British series. Best television series of all time. A very mystical, magical, brutal, and heroic retelling of the Robin Hood Legend. Just purchased the whole series on tape. Had to get it from England, but was worth the cost.

Well the elections are behind us sortof, and we have witnessed perhaps one of the most mangled definitions of democracy and representative government you can find. But before I get into the particulars I leave you with this speech, that sums up a lot of what I thought about this election, and this nation, remarks that no media outlet would cover:

Remarks made by Ralph Nader to the National Press Club the morning after election:

"The Green Party is alive and well.

This campaign has established the Greens as a viable political force. We are now third largest party, supplanting the Reform Party as the major competition to the Democratic and Republican parties.

We would have liked, of course, to have garnered the five percent that would have made the party eligible for federal matching funds in the 2004 election. That would have been a bonus. But, across the country we attracted enthusiastic supporters who intend to remain committed to the party's progressive agenda. The party will only grow in the coming months and years.

The Gore campaigners pulled out every stop in an attempt to peel off our voters. They were successful in many states with reducing our total, but these voters will be back with us in future elections.

There will be a lot of finger pointing about the poor showing of Gore. Gore had all the advantages of an incumbent Administration, but he never generated enthusiasm and many voters cast ballots for him out of pragmatism, not conviction.

In the end, the Democratic party must face the fact that it is has abandoned its progressive roots. The party has been seized by its conservative-moderate pro corporate wing. And the leadership of that group produced a candidate and a platform that simply did not excite the voters.

Progressives in the Democratic party must decide whether they want to remain a captive of the Democratic Leadership Council and its love affair with the big corporate money that fills the party's coffers or whether it wants to be a party that represents people. Democrats now must either find their progressive roots or watch the party wither away. If Democrats are disappointed with the returns, they need to take a close look at their party and the empty campaign waged by Al Gore in this campaign.

The Green Party is up and running. We invite the progressives who are shut out of the Democratic Party to join us in a crusade to reform the campaign finance system which leaves control of our government in the hands of the highest bidder.

We urge Democrats and Republicans, alike, to join the Green Party in its effort to end child poverty, to give workers a true living wage, to wipe out restrictive labor laws like Taft-Hartley that make it difficult for workers to organize, and in its efforts to establish an accessible, affordable health insurance system that reaches everyone. We urge Democrats and Republicans who are interested in the environment to join the Green Party that calls for action, not rhetoric to preserve our earth.

Similarly, we urge people to join us who believe in full civil rights and equality for everyone regardless of race, ethnic background, gender or sexual orientation. We believe that there are many people in both parties who agree with us that the drug war is a colossal costly failure that has filled our jails with non-violent crimes. We also believe that there are millions who believe as we do that the death penalty should be abolished and its discriminatory use against minorities be ended now. We urge citizens to join us in effort to provide affordable housing and in a crash effort -- Marshall Plan -- to revitalize our inner cities

America can do better. The two major parties have abdicated their responsibility to lead, to advocate solutions and to promote true democracy from the city halls to Congress and the White House. We can do better."

For more information visit http://votenader.org

"And although this is a fight I can lose, the accused is an innocent man."

Innocent man by Billy Joel


"America is such a bloody great country. Not for anything it's done, or anything it's been. But for this promise, this grace, this myth, that it's never lived up to it. But you sense, just beneath the skin it can. It wants to. 

America wants to have the strength of its convictions." ..diary of a man called Grendel [under construction]


And here's a few handy dandy links. Enjoy:

SCIFI.COM Seeing Ear Theatre-A great site to get your feet wet in the world of Online Radio dramas and SciFi.

Utne Reader Online-A great, and socially concerned print magazine, becomes a great online magazine.

eBay Seller List aseller99-Drop by here, and stumble to my most recent ultra cool auctions.

OLDE TIME RADIO-Another Great and essential site for Old Time Radio. Highest recommendation.

Ralf Hildebrandt Home Page-One of the best sites, dedicated to exploring and dissecting the greatest Graphic Novel of all time. Alan Moore's WATCHMEN.

African American Mystery Page-A really great page, with great listings of works from masters such as Gary Hardwick and Walter Mosley, and tons more. 

Deja.com-Looking to buy something? Stop by this site and check out their simply staggering database of reviews. Simply essential site.

HOLLYWOOD EAST-My last hong kong flick link died on me, so give this site a try. Why should you give it a try? okay here goes: One of my many endearing loves is Hong Kong Cinema. First really tumbled to it back in 89 when I stumbled onto John Woo's THE KILLER. It was then, and remains now one of the most visceral, over the top, stylistic, and genre shattering movies ever made. It was an ode to Pekinpah that outgunned Peckinpah, and an ode to Scorcese that outcooled Scorcese. A masterpiece, John Woo's best film,and the best action movie of all time. So I've been hooked ever since, and sites like this one help me keep in the game. Help me keep my eye out for the next... masterpiece.

G . O . W . P A G E S - Home-If John Woo is the best Action Director, then here is a page dedicated to the best Director period...  the legend called Orson Welles. Check it out. It's really a  well done site.



Sunday, April 15, 2001 08:57:13 AM



Great Radio drama's today's file...



from 1938 starring Orson Welles!

Wow listen to this pretty cool. Every 1 to 2 days I'll change this audio file. So come back often.








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"Above all was the sense of hearing acute, I heard all things in heaven and the earth, I heard many things in hell."

...Edgar Allen Poe

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