Pro-Life? Women's rights, The bombing of Iraq and the new 1000 years




7 Jan 2001

HAPPY 2001 , My first update of the new year, the new 1000 years. I've met a lot of good people, who are as outraged and angry and disgusted as I am about what's happening in this country. I think this blatantly corrupt Election was a grave miscalculation, by Bush, by the Republican party, by the Democratic party, by the Supreme Court. I think its caused a lot of people to wakeup who were sleeping, and a lot of people to speak who were silent. It's causing us to question everything our government is doing, everything we are doing, have been doing for years. The continued bombing of Iraq, the blockades, the sanctions. We've carpet bombed that country back into the stone age, no food, no water, no electricity, and for what. For what. Reportedly 5000 Iraqi kids are dying every week, we're wiping out entire generations, and for what? Because Saddamm refused to turn his oil wells over to us? or let us put our fast food chains on his soil?

It's senseless, we're slaughtering a whole nation, and I have no reason why. No rational reason, nothing more than the same old reasons of greed, and power, and the fact that no one challenges it, no one questions it. The media tells us who to love and who to hate, and when, and we buy it, we buy it all no questions asked, and damn the hypocrisy inherent. No questions asked.

I think maybe, just maybe it's time to start asking questions. Start challenging your loves and your hates. Everywhere I look I see hypocrisy, pro-lifers  who fight to save a child not yet born, but cheer when the US drops bombs on cities full of thousands of living, already born children, or the state executes a prisoner.

It's hypocrisy to value a life not here yet, more than a life that is. Worse it's evil. If any one life has value than all lives must have value, and if you believe that any one life taken is murder, than all lives taken must be murder. 

If you're pro-life, fine, great, dandy, but then you have to defend not just those about to arrive, but those already here, the man on death row, the child beneath the bomb, all of them, you have to defend all of them, or none.

Otherwise this stance of Anti-abortion/Pro-Life isn't about life at all, it's about a woman's right to choose. And if that's all it is than its just tyranny, it's just the tyranny of Evil Men.

You have to question... everything.

You have to question exactly what western domination, and U.S. policy, has done other than litter the greater part of the world with graves, and death, and disease, and border disputes, and poverty, people being wiped out, eco systems destroyed, whole species obliterated, forests and jungle depleted, atmosphere irreparably altered, our seas poisoned, and our rights... our human rights everywhere, from every corner, at risk.

It's the year 2001, it is the year of fire and of ice, the year when everything changes, the year when we must choose. It is the year 2001 and it is going to be the best of times, and the worst of times.

The best of times and the worst of times.


A time to choose.