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"Nothing is forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten."....Robin Hood HEARNE'S SON, 1980's British series. Best television series of all time. A very mystical, magical, brutal, and heroic retelling of the Robin Hood Legend. Just purchased the whole series on tape. Had to get it from England, but was worth the cost.

TIME has elected George Bush Man of the year. Jesus.

A man steals the elections, buys the Supreme Court, and is in the process of wrapping up all three branches of the government (click here to read more on that), all three heads of the triumverate, in point of fact eliminating so called political parties, and the rights of the populace to any voice in their government. In short, a coup has occurred in this country, and George Bush has ,with help, turned our Democracy into a Dictatorship.   We live now in an age of Tyranny, and all TIME magazine can think to do is nominate him Man of the Year.

Christ, god makes no little fools.

Those of you who support him, I know it's hard to think we could be human, to think we could be wrong. I know its easy to want to make excuses, want to sidestep the things we do wrong. The choices we make wrong. But sometimes learning from a mistake, admitting a mistake, is the only saving grace we have, our only cure , our only antidote to repeating mistakes.

People invariably want to see this political crossroads we're at in terms of us and them. It's a familiar comfortable way of looking at our problems. Unfortunately it's a mode of thinking that does not lead to solutions, that indeed keeps us embroiled in more problems. Mires us, in the hates and hypocrisies of an older America. It's a way of thinking that keeps us going backwards, when we desperately need, finally, completely to move forward.

We want to see people in terms of what we want rather than what they give. We want to see the lie rather than the truth. And all I am saying is we have to see with better eyes than that. We have to look at the road a man takes to get someplace, because it matters, the things we do to win, matter. They say much about our character and our soul, the things we're prepared to do and the things we're prepared to sacrifice in order to win.

Bush sacificed the very idea of a free government, the idea of your right to vote, and nothing he says is ever going to make that right.

This isn't about partisan politics, if it ever was it's not anymore. This is about the very nature of our liberties to matter. About our rights to decide who shall and shall not lead us, about the rights of our votes, our democracy to matter. It's about our integrity as a nation, and how one man's mad grab for power trambled on the will of the people, and the memory of so many other people, the memory of people who fought, and bled, and suffered, and died, for this idea of one man one vote. This increasingly umpopular idea among the rich, and the corrupt, this idea of Democracy.

What happened in Florida, and what happened in the Supreme Court on the 12th of December, can be called by many names, but perhaps the one that will stick. The one history will remember, is the simplest and most true. Tyranny. Tyranny happened.

Bloody Tyranny.

The will of the people was set aside by a few people. And that should worry anyone who calls themselves American. If candidate Bush won the popular vote, so be it. Neither him nor Gore were my candidates of choice, but he didn't win, not the popular vote, and a full count of the votes would have shown not even the Electoral votes. He stole the rights of people to matter, he stole the very spirit of what we purport to be America.

He silenced not just thousands of votes, not just Black votes, not just Jewish Votes, he ultimately silenced all of our votes... if we let this ruling stand. What can be done once, gotten away with once, will be done again. It is a law of history, that things repeat, lest acted upon by greater things. Lest acted upon by outmoded ideas like Democracy, reason, courage, compassion, justice, and Love, history lest acted upon by these forces... repeats.

And liberties lost are not easily found again. THat too is a lesson of history, that freedom lost cannot be found again without much fall of blood. Those of you who in good faith supported this man, are even now finding your faith abused, and your future rights to support a candidate of your choice... curtailed.


"We need our Ellisons, to stand up and scream, the unpopular screams. There are too few Ellisons, so for some screams I just have to rely on me. And if I scream at you I do it not for money, not for fame. I do it for the oldest reason in the world, because I care what happens to you, to me, to us, and it needs to be done.

This page is my Angry Candy and here I'll tell you what's on my mind.  "


It's a frightening thought, this idea, that History will remember what we do today. A humbling thought, that in spite of ourselves, in spite of our desire not to get involved, we are involved, and in spite of our desire not to take sides, we do take sides.

We are all, inspite of ourselves, either heroes or villains in our own lives our own times. And not choosing is itself a choice, sometimes the loudest of choices, the most damning of them.

We are in pivotal times, and to go with the crowd, and do nothing, to keep silent, to keep your head down, to hope it all blows away, is to be accomplice to the hells to come. It is to by inaction give your consent, and our history is full of such places where evil triumphed because good people were silent. Slaver America, Nazi Germany, South Africa, Rwanda, Zimbabwei, half the world is being exterminated, while we play with our newest cellular phone.

The silence of good people kills, make no doubt of it. It has killed more than the ranting of madmen, this absence of rational men to oppose them.

So what we must start fighting for is not a question of Democrat or Republican, two party and 3 party systems. What we must start fighting for, is nothing less than the very rights of man.

And what we are prepared to do to preserve and in some cases retrieve those rights. It's a question of some import. What are you prepared to do to be free? What are you prepared to lose? Your TV, your german cars, your Asian Electronics, your stock portfolio, your credit cards, your fast food, your convenience. What are you prepared to lose to be free?

And ultimately it is a hard question, but these are hard times and require a single hard answer. Everything. You have to be prepared to lose everything for freedom. Even your life, perhaps especially your life.

Get up from the couch, away from the television, and act. And write, and call, and meet, and arrange, and protest, (I would say vote, but obviously that act is meaningless), get ready, finally ready, to do what the fathers of this nation did, when faced with tyranny, What Attucks, and Washington, and Jefferson, and Salem did, when faced ultimately with a government that bled the people, and gave them no rights and no voice, and no recourse, in effect no real government. They fought, because that is all they were left with. The fight. The concept of dying in pieces on your knees or in glory on your feet.   That is ultimately where we are as a nation. We have come to this totally repellant and totally unavoidable idea, that our government is no longer ours. That it is inoperable and like a mad dog must be put down. Must be put down.

I am not talking sedition here, that has already been done from within, The brothers Bush and The Supreme Court have attacked our government, our America pillaged, our rights usurped, now the only true American government lies in the hearts and minds and wills of those men and women willing to fight for her.

I like you am an American. A soldier I think, a patriot I hope. A good man I aspire.  What we do, what you do, right now, in this moment, right now, not tomorrow, not next week, determines what type of man you are, and what type of government we'll have.

And ultimately it determines... how much blood will be spilt.

Here are addresses to people to join, people to complain to, people to get informed with. Here are addresses, and how you pleaseth God, dispose the day. p.s.  And cancel your subscriptions to TIME.

There's another new article here, written for those who will come after us. It's pretty wacky and worth a look. Enjoy.

Here's also a list of the Justices who sold out America:


CHIEF JUSTICE REHNQUISTJUSTICE SCALIA and JUSTICE THOMAS the three stooges of law, they would be funny if their actions were not so tragic, and their power and appointments for life not a grave breach of the very spirit of democracy. How such men who need their own souls judged should be charged with judging a nation is mind-boggling and wholy frightening.

And under the headline; impartiality of the court, check out this little article from Rutgers:

Sunday December 17 2:13 PM ET
Justice O'Connor Upset When Seemed Gore Won -Report

Reuters Photo
Reuters Photo

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (news - web sites) was upset during an election-night party when she heard Florida was first called for Vice President Al Gore (news - web sites), exclaiming, ''this is terrible,'' according to a report in Newsweek magazine released on Sunday.



And from NewYork Times comes this article:

December 16, 2000

A Failure of Reason


"How can I convince my students now that the integrity of legal reasoning matters?"

That was the despairing comment of one law professor after he read the per curiam opinion that spoke for five members of the Supreme Court. His reaction, widely shared among law teachers, points to the real failure of the decision that gave the presidency to George W. Bush.

The problem is not so much that the court intervened in politics. It is that the majority's stated reasons for its decision were so unconvincing.

Courts have an obligation to persuade. Their power is legitimate only if they give reasoned arguments for what they do. By that standard, the decision in Bush v. Gore was a dismal failure.

I strongly urge you to read the entire article here, you will have to sign up to read it, but well worth your time. Also check out this article at the LA Times. In point of fact every honest, reasoning person knows that a miscarriage of justice, a crime was done. That this man Bush with the help of his friends on the Supreme Court STOLE THE ELECTION. I keep harping on this point, because it is so horrendous, and so momumental, and so completely devastating to our nation. It is a blatant coup in the middle of The United States of America. It is the kind of act that if not rectified will shatter the union. Is shattering the union. I keep repeating it because I keep getting angry, it is an outrage that will not lie down with me. Bush will never be President though he bribe a thousand justices to proclaim him as such, until those votes our counted, this crime undone, and the Supreme Court itself chastised, he will be to me, and in the minds of growing numbers like me nothing more than a mysogynist, a racist, and a tyrant. And I will oppose him, I am an American, I know no other response to tyranny.

He will remain, until this is settled an Enemy of the State.

On the good news side private citizens and companies are going to do what the government has failed to, and continue the count in Florida. Click here for Details. The truth will rise, though all the earth o'whelm it to men's eyes. Like I said, in the absence of a true government, the only place America lives is in the hearts of the men and women willing to fight for it. The Miami Herald is beginning it's count this Monday and can use all the volunteers it can get. Please contact the paper for more details.


Another must read article:Latino Leaders See Need for Presidential ElectionReform


NAACP president Kweisi Mfume congratulates Bush on his appointment of Colin Powell as Secretary of State. I tell you, you toss these guys a bone and they just roll right over. I have great respect for Kweisi Mfume, less so for his organization, but Bush should not be congratulated for being a devious, conniving... I try to have respect, but Bush has proven his total lack of respect for the American people. His appointments are tokenism, nothing more. An attempt to save himself from the rage of the people. To lull us back to sleep. I've sent copies of this rant to Mr. Mfume, but he should be smart enough to know that Bush is a wolf, right now he's a scared wolf, trying to wear sheeps clothing, trying to survive, but trust me if we turn the heat off, if we fail to pull his teeth now, he will bite later. and he will bite hard.

A Michael Romanello of the NGL wrote what I thought was one of the most deadon assessments of the Election and mirrors my feeling on the matter of Bush's legitimacy. He wrote:

"The important issue now is not whether George W. Bush or Al Gore, or a Republican or a Democrat, becomes our next president. For the first time in our nation's history that I am aware of, not only the outcome, the basic honesty of a presidential election is in question. This is the issue upon which our collective attention should be riveted. The important questions now are how will Americans deal with an individual whose right to assume the presidency is shadowed with even a hint of doubt, and what will we do to ensure that such a situation never happens again.

"State courts may rule on points of state law and the U.S. Supreme Court may hand down decisions on the constitutional validity of laws and court actions, but in the end it is the American people who will decide if George W. Bush is our president. As long as he isn't yours or mine, he will never be ours. And, if we are steadfast in our resolve to deny this pretender all but the outward trappings of the presidency, neither will anyone who in the future, through his or her actions or as a result of actions undertaken on his or her behalf, places the legitimacy of their election in doubt.

"Therefore, as far as I'm concerned, at noon on January 20, 2001 and until the lawful election of or the appointment of a constitutionally identified successor to William Jefferson Clinton, the office of President of the United States of America will for the first time in history become vacant."


"To Strive, to seek, to find, and not to Yield."

With the corruption and infiltration of all three branches of our government, the possibility of removing Bush and his Supreme Court Cronies through... democratic means becomes remote. But this is a wide world and wonderful, and there are other ways to bring the wrong to right. All of these... men, have blatant stock holdings and corporate ties. Since the vote has become useless, we hit these wolves of greed where they live, in the pocket. With the assistance of you brave readers and other concerned websites we're making a list of those companies. We're going to take back America, one dollar at a time, and one politician at a time. Your help and support is encouraged, we need information, need other eyes, other hands, other spirits. To assist, please contact; volunteers are strongly needed and encouraged.   

And though I've taken great pains in naming those who have failed our democracry, I want to take equal joy in naming those who in our hour of need defended it.  Fought the good fight against ignorance and hate, and the blatant culpability and bias of their peers. Remember these names because it's nice to know that there are still true people of conscience and courage among our leadership.


The Court, however, could have adopted a more lenient manual-recount schedule. As Justice Ginsburg noted in her dissent, the Electoral College vote is scheduled for December 18, and not until December 27 is Congress instructed to nag the Florida secretary of state if the state's tally hasn't yet been provided. Most of these deadlines were set in the days of the Pony Express, not Federal Express. In reality, there was plenty of slack in the schedule had the Supreme Court been interested in making the fair and full counting of all the votes its guiding principle. (Read the entire story here.)

I'm a big fan of Colin Powell, I think he's a soldier and a patriot, a man of integrity, I think he should have run for president in the last couple of elections. He I would have followed, over Bush, over Gore. Over everyone except Nader. Instead Powell has been trotted out by the party to represent an inclusiveness it lacks. And even Now his appointment as Secretary of State is nothing more than an attempt by Bush to asuage the public he has betrayed, and draw attention away from the rights he has usurped. I cannot think of anyone better for the position than Powell, but his acceptance of it gives his approval and legitamacy to the underhanded methods used by Bush to take the election.

I fear that Powell ultimately will have to choose, like the rest of us, will have to choose between blind loyalty or public liberty. Will have to decide what he is prepared to lose, and what he is prepared to save.


Excerpt from Enemies of The State:

"I keep trying to say something to the future of their past... our present. Try to explain how we could have allowed the world, our America to go so wrong. Try to explain to you the future with your perfect vision, of the blindness of the times we lived.

You say only a fool or a liar would have allowed our democracy to be so blatantly stolen, our rights so subverted, and the clock, the clock of man, so systematically turned back. You say only a fool and a liar would not have heard the sound of time repeating, the sound of our progress slowing, turning in, ever in, toward itself. Only a fool or a liar would not have seen the signs of history repeating itself.

Perhaps we were both.

It was the year 2001, the true Millennium had begun. American democracy had been exposed before the world for the hypocrisy it was, and the brothers Bush with support by petty odious men, did petty odious things. And the checks and balances, that were supposed to protect the system of the people, from the greed of a few people, the system that was supposed to protect us from tyrants failed. " ....continued.


"And although this is a fight I can lose, the accused is an innocent man."

Innocent man by Billy Joel


For more on American politics and American corruption check out our recently updated feature, ENEMIES OF THE STATE. Too often evil men count on the notoriously short memory of the American public to keep them safe, if you notice when speaking of issues that can affect not just your standard of living, but the nature of your life, the"news" is always ambiguous. It's always "Some scientists have cloned sheep", "Researchers say.." "People polls say..."" The Department of Agriculture..." "The senate voted against...", do you see. We have become a nation of buffers, a nation of legalized mobs, faceless corporate entities, that like a mob can do evil in the anonimity of a group. We have become a nation of cowards, that wear sheets over their heads so they can be safe from accountabilty, safe from reprisals, safe from pesky concepts like morality, and right and wrong. Safe. But not in these pages, here in ENEMIES OF THE STATE, we will name, names. We will bring the hidden into the light, give the victimized a voice, and bring order to a mob. We will tell you... THE ENEMIES OF THE STATE.



"America is such a bloody great country. Not for anything it's done, or anything it's been. But for this promise, this grace, this myth, that it's never lived up to it. But you sense, just beneath the skin it can. It wants to. 

America wants to have the strength of its convictions." ..diary of a man called Grendel [under construction]


And here's a few handy dandy links. Enjoy:

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Ralf Hildebrandt Home Page-One of the best sites, dedicated to exploring and dissecting the greatest Graphic Novel of all time. Alan Moore's WATCHMEN.

African American Mystery Page-A really great page, with great listings of works from masters such as Gary Hardwick and Walter Mosley, and tons more. 

Deja.com-Looking to buy something? Stop by this site and check out their simply staggering database of reviews. Simply essential site.

HOLLYWOOD EAST-My last hong kong flick link died on me, so give this site a try. Why should you give it a try? okay here goes: One of my many endearing loves is Hong Kong Cinema. First really tumbled to it back in 89 when I stumbled onto John Woo's THE KILLER. It was then, and remains now one of the most visceral, over the top, stylistic, and genre shattering movies ever made. It was an ode to Pekinpah that outgunned Peckinpah, and an ode to Scorcese that outcooled Scorcese. A masterpiece, John Woo's best film,and the best action movie of all time. So I've been hooked ever since, and sites like this one help me keep in the game. Help me keep my eye out for the next... masterpiece.

G . O . W . P A G E S - Home-If John Woo is the best Action Director, then here is a page dedicated to the best Director period...  the legend called Orson Welles. Check it out. It's really a  well done site.



Sunday, April 15, 2001 08:57:08 AM



Great Radio drama's today's file...



from 1937 starring Orson Welles! This is the episode that started it all. Orson Welles as Lamont Cranston, the man who has the power to cloud men's minds. Listen fot the great line about "blurring the picture". Feel free to email me with your reviews of this episode and others you'd like to hear.

This is good old fashioned fun from the early days of the 20th century. Every 1 to 2 days I'll change this audio file, so come back often.








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"Ultimately a confused age, raises confusing questions. In a society in which propagation is a means of technology, rather than biology, how do you define what's human. If you can create humans ultimately on an assembly line with a flick of a switch, and that's ultimately the state we've come to, through invitiro fertilization, cloning, genetic engineering life on demand; don't we open odious doors. If we can order a child or person like a thing, out of a catalog, decide its eyes and hair color and skillset before it's born, if we can order it like a thing, and construct it like a thing, isn't there a great risk of people, of corporations, that will treat it like a thing. Bladerunners, slaves, to do the jobs "real" humans are too fragile, or too unwilling to do. "Absolute Fiction!" you say.  It's the year 2000 and we are cloning sheep, we're breeding pigs with human organs,with human hearts, and human kidneys, and human minds. It's the year 2000, there are no fictions left. "


"Above all was the sense of hearing acute, I heard all things in heaven and the earth, I heard many things in hell."

...Edgar Allen Poe

"My eyes grew dim, and I could no more gaze;

A wave of longing through my body swept,

And, hungry for the old, familiar ways,

I turned aside and bowed my head and wept."

...from "Tropics in NewYork" by Claude McKay. Claude McKay was the greatest of an age of now dead poets. He lived, like we do now, in that ripe age between an Old America and a new. 1889-1948.

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